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Update History
29 August 2000: It's official; Homeworld: Cataclysm has gone Gold. For those who don't know, that means that the master "gold" CD of the completed game has been delivered to the manufacturer for duplication. So, the game should be in stores within about a week. This also means that the useful life of this page is almost at an end. It's been a lot of fun; I hope this page has been of use to you, and I hope you all enjoy the game. See you at Homeworld Shipyards on September 1st!

16 August 2000: I have brought the various Somtaaw ships up to date with the latest data from the new official site. The stats on the various Turanic and Taiidan subverted ships can wait until the new Shipyards site is ready.

08 August 2000: New data on the Archangel-class Dreadnought, and a new Unidentified ship (courtesy of the Official site); thanks to Spirit Raven for the info. Also, I've begun work on the site that will eventually replace this one after HW:C is released, Homeworld Shipyards. Take a sneak peek at the prototype and let me know what you think.

02 August 2000: New data from the official site for the Ore Processor.

26 July 2000: New data from the official site for the Hive Frigate and MCV.

23 July 2000: Barking Dog has released four interesting new screenshots: ACV Infection, Beast Carrier, Destroyer Attack and Hive Flight. The Support Module page has also been updated, and I've added an entry for the Beast Support Module.. (Thanks to Wsdragoon and Manticore for the heads-up.)

22 July 2000: Marcus Skyler, who is the writer for Cataclysm, has been dropping info here and there in various posts on the Sierra boards. I have added pertinent bits of new info to the various ship pages, including Somtaaw, Beast MS, Beast Fleet, Acolyte, Sentinel, Siege Cannon, Mimic, Carrier, Infection Beam, and Leech

14 July 2000: New data from the official site has been added for the Mimic, Sentinel and MBF. The new pics suggest that the ion beam color has been changed to blue for the Somtaaw.

13 July 2000: Hot off the Insidious Spy Network™ wire is this pic showing that the Destroyer has a twin missile launcher, as well as this nice pic of the Dreadnought Repulse beam in action. Thanks go out to the agent who sent these in (you know who you are). Chris Stewart has also more or less confirmed that the new Destroyer is a regular Somtaaw ship; the cookie goes to Manticore for the heads-up.

7 July 2000: Gamespot has posted new screenshots featuring a mysterious Destroyer-class vessel (thanks to Jon Sleeper and the rest of the ISN™ for the heads-up). Also new quotes on the Acolyte, Hive Frigate and MBF.

26 June 2000: New screenshots showing Acolytes firing missiles(!), the Processor possibly processing a crystal, and the never-before seen underbelly of the Dreadnought.

22 June 2000: I've added an overview page for the Somtaaw Fleet, plus small updates to Siege Cannon, Sentinel, and Command Ship.

12 June 2000: As promised, RealFrenchGuy has delivered the Beast versions of the Build Manager shots; see them here and here. Also check out this nifty shot of a Beast carrier being externally built. Be sure to check out RFG's Esprit Cataclysm site for more cool beta shots. As always, should you or any of your ISN™ force be killed or captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of this operation. This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

11 June 2000: The Insidious Spy Network™ comes through again! RealFrenchGuy has provided screenshots of the Build Manager, showing the full list of available Somtaaw ships in the beta. You can see shot one here and shot two here. There are no new surprises, but we can see the preliminary costs for each vessel and module. I have update each of the ships with the new cost stats, and added a few new quotes from Castewar.

5 June 2000: Now this is more like it! The French Resistance over at Ouare Games have come across with Statistics Screen captures of nearly all the basic Somtaaw ships. Check out new pics and stats for the Dreadnought, Carrier, Processor, Tug, MBF, Hive Frigate, Sentinel, Recon, ACV, and MCV. Also check out some new Beast Fleet screenshots (including another from insidious agent {O*InterceptRKC). WARNING: Note that ships in HW:C are upgradeable, so the stats shown are for ships at various differing levels of upgrade, and may be somewhat misleading.

4 June 2000: New cruise missile screenshot from one of my secret operatives, {O*InterceptRKC. Also new pics for the Clee-San, Beast Mothership, Beast Fleet, Siege Cannon, and Sentinel.

1 June 2000: New data from Castewar for Sentinel, Beast Fleet, Infection Beam, and Cruise Missile; and a new screenshot for the Heavy Tug. And check out this cute little HW:C Toon.

28 May 2000: New screenshots for the Sentinel, MBF, Carrier and Processor. Thanks to Jake Hopkins for the info.

9 May 2000: Behold the Bentusi Fighter! TRADE OR DIE!!

6 May 2000: Sierra has revamped the Official HW:C Site, and I encourage you to check it out. In particular, there is a lot of background story on the Somtaaw, Taiidan, and the events since the original game, as well as a screenshot of the week. So, here we have updates (mostly new info, a few shots) to Unidentified Ships, Clee-San, Kuun-lan, Research Module, Processor, Heavy Tug (formerly Ramming Frigate), Worker, Acolyte, Recon, Sentinel, and Leech. New info from the official site has been listed in green text.

30 April 2000: In response to a request, I put up a list of ships in the Beast Fleet.

25 April 2000: New Unidentified Ships info, and one cool new Dreadnought screenshot.

24 April 2000: Some feedback on Unidentified Ships, and various new screenshots (Recon, Ramming Frigate, Hangar, Siege Cannon, Mimic, Dreadnought, Carrier), but nothing new or exciting.

23 April 2000: Updates on Easter? Yeah, I was surprised too. Good new screenshots for the Sentinel, Recon and MCV from the GA Strategy interview. Happy E-day to all you Christian types.

19 April 2000: Additional shots and info from the recent Gamespot preview; new Unidentified Ships entry.

10 April 2000: New info from Chris Stewart on Unidentified Ships, Leeches and the Hangar Module.

05 April 2000: New info and screenshots for the Hive Frigate, Processor, Carrier, MBF and Siege Cannon. Anolis gets the cookie for this one.

04 April 2000: It never rains, but it pours. A few new screenshots for the Leech, Sentinel, Command Ship, Swarmer and Hive Frigate (thanks to Eiden, Neon Devil, Jean-Luc Picard and Mephisto for the collective heads-up). If you're bored by the recent lull in HW:C news, head on over to the Relic Message Boards for some lively conversation.

29 March 2000: Important new images and data on the Beast Mothership and its Infection Beam. Also new pics for the Dreadnought, Mimic, Processor, Leech, Ramming Frigate and Multi-Beam Frigate.

28 March 2000: New screenshots for the Recon Vessel, and new info on the Hangar Module, Large Module, and Unidentified Ships.

24 March 2000: New screenshots for the Hive Frigate, Recon Vessel, Acolyte and Command Ship.

23 March 2000: Mimic identification verified.

22 March 2000: Information gleaned from Castewar's recent #homeworld chat has been spread around the site, and in particular has helped identify the Ore Canister.

20 March 2000: New Unidentified Ships comments from our ever-lovin' viewers.

18 March 2000: Big update; many new pics and data throughout the site. One new ship, the Processor, and several new Unidentified ships.

17 March 2000: Added several new Worker pics from today's GameSpot headline article.

16 March 2000: I added a Links Reference page so you can refer to the original articles, and an Unidentified Ships page. I also added various info text gleaned from the IGN PC preview.

14 March 2000: Here's a brief update, with scanned shots from the April CGW article, and some updated info gleaned from the Sierra Studios message boards. Check out the MBF, Dreadnought, Acolyte, ACV, Worker, Hive Frigate and Sentinel for the updates.

13 March 2000: We're baaack!  There's finally enough information on the new ships of Homeworld: Cataclysm to be able to throw together a preliminary ship identification page, and I've done so.  Forgive the somewhat spartan nature of the page... it's not meant to be fancy. Feel free to look around and notify me of anything I've missed or messed up; I can be reached at: arioch@well-of-souls.com.