Unidentified Ships

Here's where we post pictures and discussion of ships we can't identify. Readers are invited to mail in with their pics, ideas, and suggestions.

04 September: Just a quick update after having played through the first 11 missions of Cataclysm. Ship U6, as suspected, is the derelict object that contains the Beast infection. Object U2 is a Turanic Raider outpost, and is much larger than it appears in the shot. U5 is most likely the rear-end of the Beast mothership.

08 August: The ship in this first new pic can't be positively identified as yet, and it's scary enough to include here.

Fresh off the official site, an item that looks, well... sort of like a beat up stereo speaker. Scuttlebutt is that this is a single-player npc object, possibly the derelict that contains the Beast artifact. Con sonar, designate contact U6.

23 July: The ship in this first new pic can't be positively identified as yet, and it's scary enough to include here.

Mothership? Cruiser? Something else?
Here two ACV's are hit by an Infection Beam. But what is firing the beam? The ship could be the Beast Mothership or Heavy Cruiser, but it doesn't appear to be either. Designate contact U5.
Unknown vessel under fire by Acolytes
Just moving this U2 pic back to the top, so I could delete some of the older entries. First discovered way back in March, there still hasn't been any new data on this vessel.

7 July: There is a new destroyer-class vessel to be seen here

5 May: New Clee-San info from the revamped official site:

In the final days of their control over the Mothership's PDA, Kiith Somtaaw triumphantly built one final ship, the Clee San, a top-of-the-line deep space research frigate. Students of history will note that the names of all three vessels derive from the names of temples along the old Shimmering Path: Kuun-Lan, "Purifying Flame", Fal-Corum, "Silent Wayfarer", and Clee San, "Truth Seeker"

So, it seems a good bet that what we have here is some sort of ship in the single-player game, related to the discovery of the Beast. I have moved Clee San to its own page. Thanks to KrulL for the heads-up.

25 April: Here's something interesting to ponder:

Infected Command Ship
This is a shot of the Command Ship, after being infected by the Beast. Yup, that in the upper corner sure looks like the same ship pictured below. Note the letterbox format, indicating that this is a cutscene. (Thanks to Jake Hopkins for pointing this out.)
Find CLEE-who?
This is the very next screenshot in the series to the one below for April 19 (note the scouts in both shots). The mission objective reads, "Find CLEE-SAN." CLEE-SAN? Ecclesiam? Coincidence? You be the judge.

Okay, I agree that's pretty thin. But keep in mind that the name "ecclesiam" is just the filename of the sketch image from the French site; we don't know what the ship is really called.

24 April: Here are a few thoughts from the community about the possible identity of good ol' Unidentified Ship el Numero Uno:

/downslope\: Well basically I think the "ecclesiam" ship is one of the repair ships that skirts around a capital ship's hull that they [Chris Stewart and others] are talking about.

Farcus: I think the ship is a control ship, a ship that is the center of the SU's or
whatever they are, the control units that are needed just like ru's.

Jean-Luc Picard: I think this could be a version of the Ghost ship...the arrays on the
side take over control of  beast vessels.  Maybe just used to
exterminate the beast from infested ships. That infestation beam in the
movie just seamed too effective this may be a balancing ship.

UFO64: maybe it's some kind of miner bot you find in the first mission....

For myself, I can say only that it seems too large to be a repair bot. Beyond that, who knows? Cloak or gravwell generators come to mind... or perhaps a sensors jammer? Let me reiterate, by the way, that "ecclesiam" is just the name the French Ouare Games site gave to the sketch image... I have no idea what the real name of the ship is.

19 April: Fresh from the new GameSpot preview, here's an actual screenshot of that "ecclesiam" ship:

Here it is, next to the command ship. It looks to be about the size of a worker.

Here's the "ecclesiam" sketch again, for reference.

10 April: Chris Stewart recently supplied this information:

Arioch - Those are marker buoys so ships approaching the ship on it's dark side know where to slow down and make sure they don't smack into the side of the commandship. You're a mining vessel after all; safety first. They only appear at the beginning of the game.

28 March: This just in:

Gray objects in a row
There has been some speculation about the identity of these gray objects that are seen in rows near the CS in several screenshots.
Drones in a row
In this recent shot, we get a slightly better look at them. They look just like the old Taiidan target drones from the first mission of Homeworld.
Taiidan target drone
Taiidan target drone from Homeworld
Taiidan target drone
Taiidan target drone from Homeworld