Vaygr Heavy Missile Platform

Homeworld 2


Role: Anti-Capital Ship Defense
Speed: 200 (single-burn)
Attack: 127
Hit Points: 5000
1 x
Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher Turret (2 ports)

A more advanced version of the gun platform, the Missile Platform unleashes heavy missile salvos at any Frigate or Capital Ship within range. Once deployed it cannot be moved again.

The Vaygr counterpart to the Hiigaran Ion Platform is armed, as you might expect, with missiles.

There is no confirmed official information on this ship as yet.

Note that some of the Vaygr ships in the demo images have Hiigaran markings; this is because we had to modify the demo (putting Vaygr ships on the Hiigaran side) to get the screenshots, as you can't normally play as the Vaygr in the demo.


firing missiles (demo)