Vaygr Heavy Missile Frigate

Homeworld 2


Class: Frigate
Role: Anti-Frigate
Speed: 150
Attack: 351
Hit Points: 16,000
1 x Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher (fixed, 2 ports)
1 x Heavy Concussion Missile Launcher (fixed)

The Heavy Missile Frigate should not be underestimated as a serious threat to any enemy of the Eastern Fringe. Firing two heavy fusion missiles from its enormous bay, the Heavy Missile Frigate can wipe out enemy Frigate lines and, in sufficient numbers, take down Carriers and Destroyers.

Glimpsed in the pre-E3 GameSpot video, this is a different variant of the frigate hull. It has a larger "chin" structure and a red stripe across the top of the bow. It appears to have the same topside vertical missile launcher that the other frigate types have.

The IGN E3 video appeared to give a glimpse of missile trails coming from the bow; the RelicNews E3 video now clearly shows missiles being fired from a compartment under the bow; the rollover appears to read "Heavy Missile Frigate."