Vaygr "Harridan" Plasma Lance Fighter

Homeworld 2


Class: Fighter
Role: Anti-Corvette
Speed: 260
Attack: 43
Hit Points: 150
Cost: ? (5 craft)
Weaponry: 1 x Light Plasma Lance: Anti-Corvette/Capital, High ROF (solid beam), 3000m Range, Low Coverage, Fixed Gimbal.

This is a weapon system relied upon by Vaygr raiding parties. Based on mining technology, the plasma lance is a volatile cutting beam that makes short work of Corvette armor and Capital Ship subsystems. Disabling a Carrier’s engines to allow for easy infilitration is one of the tactics made successful by this unit.

The Vaygr Lance Fighter (Harridan) is a high-speed, maneuverable Strike Craft especially designed for quickly dispatching slower enemy craft. Utilizing a small Plasma Lance, it is vulnerable to attack by faster fighters, due to requiring a fixed attack upon the enemy. The Lance Fighter hovers over a target and focuses the Lance upon them, doing incremental damage over time.

"It doesn't sit still to fire, it does attack runs on targets. At one point it did fire a beam but now it fires pulses of energy." - Cei Gladstone, Programmer

A Vaygr fighter variant with a really big gun. In several of the trailers and earlier screenshots, there is pretty strong evidence that the weapon is a single pulsar beam. In more recent screenshots, the beam of the pulsar (previously purple) appears to have changed to a yellow-green.

It appears to operate in squadrons of five.