Vaygr Battlecruiser

Homeworld 2


Class: Super Capital Ship
Long Range Capital Ship Killer
Hit Points: 240,000
Production Slots: 0
Module Slots: 2
Sensors Slots: 0
x Hull Defense Guns (gimbal mounts)
4 x Laser turrets
1 x Uber Pulse Forward Weapon (gimbal mounts)
Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher (8 tubes, fixed)

One of the deadliest ships in the galaxy. A strike craft bay for transport and repair of assault and Corvette class craft supported by four lance beam turrets provide point defense, allowing the Battlecruiser to direct itís eight heavy fusion missile launchers and enormous Trinity Cannon on Capital and Supercapital class enemy vessels.

Similar in shape to the Vaygr Carrier, this appears to be larger (about the size of the Hiigaran Battlecruiser) and with meaner-looking features.

Actually, it looks a lot like a Hiigaran Battlecruiser flipped on its side.

This ship's primary armament appears to be eight topside torpedo tubes. In one of the E3 videos, it can bee seen that there are at least four point-defense Pulsar Beam (or "Laser" as the Vaygr seem to call them) weapons (much like on the Hiigaran Battlecruiser), at least one large forward weapon, and four smaller ant-fighter kinetic weapons.

Note that some of the ships in the demo images have Hiigaran markings; this is because we had to modify the demo (putting Vaygr ships on the Hiigaran side) to get the screenshots, as you can't normally play as the Vaygr in the demo.


firing forward weapon (demo)

firing defensive guns (demo)

shot of Fire Control module (demo)

shot of Hyperspace module (demo)

Vaygr assault on Tanis (demo)

IGN shot (Jun '03)

E3 vidcap (May '03)

first image in pre-E3 vidcap (Apr '03)