Vaygr Command Corvette

Homeworld 2


Class: Corvette
Role: Attack bonus to ships in radius
Hit Points:

Armament: none

What this ship lacks in firepower is made up in sensors equipment, armor, and the bonus it gives to friendly units within range. The antenna array sprouting from the hull both coordinates attacks and provides a morale boost, as the Command Corvette more often than not is crewed by ranking officers and favorites of the Crusade’s warlord.

"The sequel actually has many more special units than the original game did, including probes that disrupt enemy sensors in an area, a Vaygr command corvette that improves the accuracy of nearby ships, and defense platforms." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

This squadron of three corvettes is seen in a recent video from the official Sierra site. They appear to be longer than the standard corvette, form a squadron of three (instead of four, as is common for most Vaygr corvettes), and have angled antenna-like projections topside. A combination of elements that makes them the prime candidate to be the "Command Corvettes" mentioned in the above quote.

We have also since seen them in another screenshot, and a piece of concept art.

Although they are shown here in groups of three, they appear to be single craft in the final game.