Vaygr Carrier

Homeworld 2


Role: Ship Production.
Attack: 200
Speed: 49
Hit Points: 192,500*
4 x Hull Defense Guns (gimbal)

*May include upgrades.

This is the core of the Vaygr Fleet. Unlike the Hiigaran Carrier, it only has one production facility, so choose well how you build your subsystems. It can store 10 strike craft squadrons, and is very effective as a mobile resource drop-off point. It features two ability subsystem slots that can be used for whatever purposes you see fit.

"Definitely the larger capital ships stand out. Among my favorite is the Vaygr carrier, but also the Hiigaran destroyer--though if you ask around the office, the Hiigaran battle cruiser always comes up as a favorite." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"The two sides are different in terms of technology so you won't even be able to research the other's type of tech. They share basic stuff like resourcing, but that's it. Hiigarans are more well rounded with their fleets where the Vaygr are much more specialized in their uses." - Joshua Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"From the Inner Rim, the Hiigarans have to stand up to this bitter enemy that wields the power of the ancients." - Action Trip

In some shots, there is a large bathtub-style docking bay in the top of the ship; this is what appears in the absence of the fighter production facility.

The main docking bay in the belly of the ship. The resourcer docking pads appear to be on the protrusion port-side aft.