Vaygr Shipyard

Homeworld 2


Role: Ship Production
Hit Points:

A production ship so massive it cannot be built by the Flagship, the Vaygr Shipyard is a slow moving behemoth capable of building any ship in the Vaygr fleet. It needs to be constructed in large orbital facilities and then hyperspaced to the front.

"A Vaygr crusade is entirely independent - the build capacity of their Motherships combined with the resource harvesting abilities of their individual craft enable them to live self sufficiently in space." - Sierra HW2 Official Site

Überjumper informs me that this is the Vaygr counterpart to the Shipyard. This is interesting, since it seems to be larger than the Flagship. He also insists that the ship in this image is the same vessel (missing the front topside module seen in the other shots), so I'll take his word for it.

Shipyards are not built by the Mothership, but built at some remote location and hyperspaced into battle by a ship that has built a Hyperspace Module.