Vaygr Flagship

Homeworld 2


Role: Flagship
Speed: 40
Attack: 120
Hit Points: 200,000
Armament: 12 x
Hull Defense Guns (gimbal mounts)

Makaan’s Flagship is a massive vessel on the same scale as the Pride of Hiigara. Housing the core found in the Hethlim Ice Fields, it can Far Jump to remote systems, build, store, and repair ships friendly to the fleet. Like the Pride of Hiigara, it has ample slots available for the numerous production and ability subsystems.

A Vaygr crusade is entirely independent - the build capacity of their Motherships combined with the resource harvesting abilities of their individual craft enable them to live self sufficiently in space.

"Despite using different ship types, the Vaygr and Hiigaran ship classes (Strike, Corvette, Frigate, and Capital) are more or less equal. The Vaygr have faster ships in greater numbers but they're fragile and highly specialized. They're very good at what they do, but very bad at what they don't. Favoring fighters and corvettes over frigates, Vaygr fleets have more options in these classes compared to the Hiigarans. ... Vaygr players will instead develop a system that uses fixed hyperspace gates to allow extremely inexpensive hyperspace travel between two fixed points." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

In a recent gameplay video, this massive Vaygr ship is identified by cursor-rollover text as a Mothership. It appears to have multiple docking ports, including a "bathtub" arrangement up top, which looks large enough for construction of capital ships.

In the more recent RelicNews E3 video, the rollover indicates "Vaygr Flagship." 

This may be a re-design of the earlier red "supercarrier." 

According to the fiction on the official site, the Vaygr have a number of independent fleets, each with its own Mothership.


Makaan's flagship at Balcora Gate

flagship afire (Jun '03)

producing a Carrier (Jun '03)

flagship (E3 Trailer)

flagship (E3 Trailer)