Vaygr Carrier (Cap-A)

Homeworld 2


"As for the Vaygr, the antagonists, they have very distinctive ships that draw few parallels to anything that's been seen before in Homeworld. There are some functional similarities in certain units, but we're hoping to surprise the core fans with the sinister design of this fleet." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"The two sides are different in terms of technology so you won't even be able to research the other's type of tech. They share basic stuff like resourcing, but that's it. Hiigarans are more well rounded with their fleets where the Vaygr are much more specialized in their uses." - Joshua Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"From the Inner Rim, the Hiigarans have to stand up to this bitter enemy that wields the power of the ancients." - Action Trip

In the newest shot (top right), there is a new, larger docking bay in the top of the ship.

There is what appears to be a docking bay in the belly of the ship. In the seventh and eighth shot at right, there are fighters heading for the ship as if it were a carrier.

The Relic logo amidships is a demonstration of the HW2 custom decal system.

There is no confirmed official information on this ship as yet.