Vaygr Assault Frigate

Homeworld 2


Class: Frigate
Role: Anti-Fighter
Speed: 161
Attack: 127
Hit Points: 16,000
1 x Concussion Missile Launcher
3 x Flechette Cannon Turrets

The Vaygr Assault Frigate, unlike its Hiigaran equivalent, is designed to support strike craft rather than defend against them. Its turrets are forward facing and fire long, thin sliver-like flechettes at extremely high speed, cutting through enemy craft with disturbing ease.

This appears to be a frigate-sized Vaygr warship. It is similar to several other Vaygr frigates, especially in the aft section (it seems that the Vaygr, like the Taiidan and Kushan before them, use modified basic shape for their different frigate types).

This frigate, which appears to be the Vaygr counterpart to the Hiigaran Assault Frigate, is armed with three turrets, and a missile launcher topside. You can just see a missile coming out of the topside pipe in the fourth shot at right.

The new unit "badge" appears at first glance to be scarlet alien writing, but is actually a motif of a red dragon. 

There is no confirmed official information on this ship as yet.