Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate

Homeworld 2


Class: Frigate
Role: Anti-Corvette
Speed: 161
Attack: 330
Hit Points: 12,000
: 700 RU

Imp. Torpedoes:
2500 RU
Lvl 1 Torp. Frigate Hull: 800 RU
Lvl 2 Torp. Frigate Engines: 800 RU

"We've definitely tried to articulate the ships even more. Eventually this ship will cock back like a shotgun every time it fires." Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer (allegedly referring to a "missile frigate" in an IGN interview)

This frigate has been seen in formation with other Assault and Ion frigates. It is comparatively devoid of protrusions, with the exception of the obligatory starboard-side bridge superstructure.

The pre-E3 videos from IGN and GameSpot demonstrate that this is a missile or torpedo frigate. It fires missiles from the two ports on the bow; it appears to fire two multiple-warhead missiles at a time, each of which splits up into four warheads before impact. This multiple-warhead capability may be part of the "Improved Torpedoes" upgrade.