Hiigaran Defense Field Frigate

Homeworld 2


Class: Frigate
Role: Defense Field 
Attack: 17
Speed: 161
Hit Points: 18,000
Cost: 1200 RU

The Hiigarans have withstood incredible odds on many occasions thanks to this frigate. Generating an intense localized magnetic field, the Defense Field Frigate is able to turn away most weapon fire from ships within its protective sphere. The power signature of this field is so high that it can only be used for short periods of time. Learning when and where to use this technology is the key.

"In addition to these ships, which specifically counter enemy units, the Hiigarans have some special units, like the defense field frigate, which protects nearby ships." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

A frigate-sized with extendable pods. Early rumor suggested that this was a Defense Field frigate, and this has been confirmed on the build menu of this screenshot.

The pods close vertically, scissor-like, when not in use, along the port and starboard sides of the ship. The Defense Field offers a defensive bonus to all friendly ships within its sphere of operation, but can only stay active for a few seconds at a time, after which it must recharge.

It is armed with a single belly turret.