Progenitor Dreadnought

Homeworld 2


Role: Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
Hit Points:

*Estimate. Value on screenshot is difficult to read. 

"That one is and will remain a secret for a while. Possibly until you unwrap the game and install it for the first time." Morgan Jaffit - Designer

"We see that you have acquired a Progenitor Dreadnought." - The Bentusi

This vessel is seen in formation with the revamped Hiigaran mothership in various screenshots. It is armed with a super-powerful beam weapon, and well as supplementary weapons, including a chin turret. This is a vessel the player acquires in the single-player campaign.

Judging solely by the markings and coloration, it does not appear to be part of the same fleet as the mothership. Design-wise, it is quite different from the Hiigaran vessels. Speculation had run rampant about this vessel (with the usual suspects claiming Kadesh or Bentusi origins), but it turns out to be a new race. Well, a new old race.

This vessel is a Progenitor relic, salvaged by the Hiigarans from the Karos Graveyard.


bow shot of chin turret

firing main cannon

exit from hyperspace

under fire from Keeper (PCGAMER UK)

first image (Feb '03)