Hiigaran Ion Beam Platform

Homeworld 2


Role: Anti-Frigate Defense
: 300 RU

"Both races will be able to build a number of stationary weapon platforms." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"The sequel actually has many more special units than the original game did, including ... defense platforms. While the vastness of 3D space always makes it hard to lock down territory as your own, the two types of static defenses -- one with guns for use against fighters and one with ion cannons -- make it possible to deter smaller enemy raids." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

According to the gameplay videos we've seen, they're not "stationary" at all. These "platforms" are mobile, just not very fast... but certainly fast enough to keep up with a mothership. They appear to be roughly corvette sized. They require a Platform Controller module built on a Carrier or Mothership; the movement of the Platform may be restricted in some way relative to the "parent" ship.

FooF gets credit for identifying this craft as a Weapons Platform. In one of the E3 videos, it can be seen firing two twin-ion turrets.