Hiigaran "Bishop" Crew Transport

Homeworld 2


Role: Crew Transport
Attack: 12
Speed: 40
Hit Points: 180,000
2 x MS Hull Defense Guns (gimbal mounts)
2 x Transport Hull Defense Guns (gimbal mounts)

"After regrouping in a different system, the Mothership was soon under attack yet again. Only this time, so were all of the transport ships that had escaped from around Hiigara. First order of business was defending the transports." Dan Adams, IGN PC

"But the mothership isn't quite ready yet: A ship as large as this requires a crew the size of a city, and the bare-bones crew that has been testing the ship needs to meet up with transports carrying the full complement." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

A group of these large, carrier-sized vessels were first seen hiding off in a corner of the map in the IGN pre-E3 gameplay video, and have since been seen more clearly in proper screenshots. The coloration and configuration are clearly Hiigaran. They have a docking port topside amidships, and the usual starboard bridge superstructure.

These are transport vessels from the second mission of the single-player campaign, used to carry Mothership crews. They are identified in the mission with call signs "Bishop One" through "Bishop Six". They come under attack from Vaygr fighters during rendezvous with the Mothership in the shadow of the Angel Moon near Hiigara, and must be protected. Four transports must survive to complete the mission; if they other two are also rescued, the player is rewarded with Elite strike craft squadrons.


unloading Mothership crews (demo)

afire (Jun '03) 

afire (Jun '03)

under attack from Vaygr bombers (E3)

under attack from Vaygr bombers (E3)

early glimpse in IGN video (Apr '03)