Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate

Homeworld 2


Class: Frigate
Role: Anti-Corvette
Speed: 161
Attack: 305
Hit Points: 12,000
: 700 RU
1 x Torpedo Launcher (2 tubes)

Improved Torpedoes:
2500 RU
Lvl 1 Torp. Frigate Hull: 800 RU
Lvl 2 Torp. Frigate Engines: 800 RU

Description: Basic Frigate. Torpedoes can be upgraded to improve effectiveness against Capital Class ships. 

Strong vs: Corvettes, Frigates (when upgraded)
Weak vs: Bombers, Destroyers

Prerequisites: Frigate Facility.

This multi-purpose Frigate is a devastatingly effective addition to any strike group hunting Capital class ships. It fires two medium-range homing torpedoes which can be outfitted as either the standard Corvette-killing cluster torpedo or the more powerful Capital Ship torpedo.

This is actually the basic frigate design for the Hiigarans; the other frigates require an Advanced Research module to build. It starts with multiple-warhead missiles that are effective against fighters, with an upgrade that improves their effectiveness against capital ships (and strike craft).

The Improved Torpedoes upgrade also affects Destroyer torpedoes.