Hiigaran Shipyard

Homeworld 2


Role: Factory and service bays
Cost: 3200 RU
: 15
Hit Points: 160,000
Production Slots
: 4
Module Slots:
Sensors Slots:

A production ship so massive it cannot be built by the Mothership, the Hiigaran Shipyard is a slow moving behemoth capable of building any ship in the Hiigaran fleet. It needs to be constructed in large orbital facilities and then hyperspaced to the front.

"Homeworld 2 has four different classes of capital ships. These are Frigate (e.g. Assault Frigate), Capital (e.g. Carrier), Supercapital (e.g. Battlecrusier), and Mothership class (e.g. Mothership, Shipyard). The shipyard can build all ships except mothership class ships." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"New gameplay features like subsystems, squadrons and installations such as Shipyards really shine in the Multiplayer game. They allow the player to try out different strategies and tactics that were not possible in Homeworld." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"Even bigger than the Battlecruiser is the Shipyard, a mobile construction rig that allows you to build units faster. The chance you're taking here is that it's a rather large and costly piece of work that has very scant defenses. If you don't assign some of your fleet for protection, you'll effectively give it to the enemy. While the Mothership will be able to build everything, carriers and shipyards will have to choose which systems they bring to the table. You can't build everything." - Dan Adams, IGN PC

In the IGN pre-E3 gameplay video, there is a very large ship in formation with the Hiigaran vessels that is almost certainly the Shipyard.

The Shipyard is not built locally by the Mothership, but rather paid for and hyperspaced in by a craft with a Hyperspace Module. The Shipyard is the only vessel that can construct a Battlecruiser.