Hiigaran Gun Platform

Homeworld 2


Cost: 300 RU

"Both races will be able to build a number of stationary weapon platforms." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"While the vastness of 3D space always makes it hard to lock down territory as your own, the two types of static defenses--one with guns for use against fighters and one with ion cannons--make it possible to deter smaller enemy raids." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

New data suggests that these are weapons platforms of some kind. These "platforms" are mobile, just not very fast. They require a Platform Controller module built on a Carrier or Mothership; the movement of the Platform may be restricted in some way relative to the "parent" ship.

It seems probable that the object depicted here is the "anti-fighter" version of the weapons platform.

The white color of the craft is probably a missing texture issue pertaining to the early pre-alpha build in which it appears, and not by design.