Hiigaran Resource Collector

Homeworld 2


Role: Collects material for processing into RUs.
Attack: 0
Speed: 276
Hit Points: 2,000
Cost: 400 RU

Repair Ability: RU 500
Lvl 1 Collector Hull: RU 500

The Hiigaran Resource Collector is a vessel roughly the size of a Corvette. It has arms to grab various types of materials that can be turned into RUs when dropped off at a refinery station. When upgraded the collector can perform repairs on Frigate and Capital Class ships and as such is an essential part of any combat fleet.

"To balance RU intake and consumption, there will be an optimal ratio between Resource Collectors, RU pocket size and Drop Off location (such as a Carrier or Mobile Refinery)." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"Collectors can repair, yes. But it's not a default ability - they have to be upgraded. So if you'd rather keep your Collectors dedicated to the gentle art of harvesting, rather than throwing them into the midst of battle to tend their much larger companions, that's fine." - Morgan Jaffit, Designer

"Repairing will be carried out through the use of docking bays, repair subsystems, and resource collectors, although some forms of repair are available only through upgrades." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"Adding joints to moving systems (like resource collector claws or weapon turrets), nav lights, docking paths, subsystem hook-ups, engine glows and other small details are the last steps in ship creation." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

"Resources will be found in discrete pockets to prevent roving Resource Collectors issues that arose in Homeworld. Players will also have a greater number of resource materials to choose from." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"…lesser importance lies in resource gathering and base building. There is again only one resource, which can not only be found in asteroids: after a space battle shot-down units will leave high-quality debris, which can be salvaged and recycled for your own production…" - Gamestar (translated from German)

The businesslike digging appendages make harvesting resources more of a physical affair than in Homeworld. If the "magic green beams" of the previous titles are gone for good, then it can only be for the better. :)

Resource Collectors kick up a lot of dust while digging, which trails off the ship while it travels back to its mother ship for drop-off. Nice touch. 

Resource Collectors also have a role in repair operations, a la the Cataclysm Worker. While repairing, it extends its work arms and blue sparks fly, lighting up the area.


repairing a frigate (demo)

repairing a frigate (demo)

asteroid mining (Aug '03)

asteroid mining (Aug '03)

asteroid mining (Aug '03)

A Resource Collector is pounded by plasma bombs from Vaygr fighters.
hit by plasma bombs (Jul '03)

at Tanis (E3 Trailer, Apr '03)

old "15" insignia (Feb '03)

GameSpot (Feb '03)

first PCZONE UK image (Dec '02)