Vaygr "Hammer" Missile Corvette

Homeworld 2


Class: Corvette
: Anti-Capital Ship
Attack: 26
Speed: 215
Hit Points: 1600
Cost: ? (4 craft)
2 x Concussion Missile Launcher (Anti-Fighter, Slow ROF, Medium Coverage, 8,000m range)

*(The stats on the Anark viewer are incorrect.)

The Vaygr Missile Corvette is a Frigate and Corvette hunter. These ships launch fast moving high-yield warheads designed to send powerful shockwaves through enemy ships, disrupting systems and shattering hull armor.

The Missile Corvette (Hammer) is a fast moving general-purpose ship. Its missiles, when upgraded to homing, can track and destroy other Corvettes and Strike Craft. Even in their default position, they can do significant damage to a Frigate. However, they lack the maneuverability of the other Corvettes, making them more susceptible to attack from fixed guns on Capital Ships.

"The 'Red Race' isn't a seperate race - the reason they don't match up with the current textures on the Hiigaran or Vaygr ships is that they're an earlier texture job - you'll see them again, later, I'm sure in their full glory. As to whether they're Hiigaran or Vaygr ... well. The V should be a clue..." - Morgan Jaffit, Designer

This corvette appears to operate in squadrons of four craft (rather than three, as Hiigaran corvettes do).