Progenitor Keeper Mover

Homeworld 2


Unit: Mover
Role: Unknown
Speed: 230
Attack: 234
Hit Points: 1,000

"Analysis of the derelict Mover has revealed a number of weaknesses our engineers can exploit. Researching Anti-Mover Weapon Enhancements will increase our weapon's effectiveness against the movers." - popup for Anti-Mover Weaponry Enhancements

In the demo, the above Research item was accidentally put in the multiplayer tech tree. It is a tech from the single-player campaign, and reveals the name of one of the opponents, the Movers. 

The Mover is an automated corvette-class vessel left by the Progenitors. They lurk in the Progenitor wreckage in the Karos Graveyard, futilely attempting to reassemble (and defend) the debris in a way similar to the Junkyard Dog of the first game. Indeed, one could certainly speculate that the existence of the Movers suggests that the Dog was also a Progenitor relic. Both have the same distinctive green drive trails.

The Hiigarans salvaged a crippled Mover and develop the ability to construct Movers themselves. Hence the Mothership having a "Mover Construction Facility" built in one of these screenshots.