Hiigaran Mobile Refinery

Homeworld 2


Role: Resource Drop Off
Attack: 80
Speed: 225
Hit Points: 18,000
Cost: RU 800
8 x Hull Defense Guns (gimbal)

This Frigate-sized vessel can be deployed close to resourcing operations. Adding two new drop-off slots, just one refinery can double the output of your supply ships.

"Using Assault Corvettes to guard Bombers will make them more effective just as bolstering your resourcing operation with a Mobile Refinery increases the productivity of your operation." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

"To balance RU intake and consumption, there will be an optimal ratio between Resource Collectors, RU pocket size and Drop Off location (such as a Carrier or Mobile Refinery). While games like Age of Mythology have only just begun experimenting with mobile resource drop off points, these have been a staple since Homeworld and add a level of strategic gameplay. Players can spread their resourcing operations to harvest from multiple locations. The benefit is increased RUs being collected; however, this also spreads the player's forces. Deciding when to expand and when to sit tight is an integral element to the multiplayer game." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

This vessel is the HW2 equivalent of a Resource Controller (in other words, an alternate drop-off point for the resource harvesters). The term that has been used for this sort of vessel in the interviews is "Mobile Refinery."

It has the same yellow coloration as the Resourcers, is seen in formation with them near the Mothership, and Resourcers are shown docking with one of the two ports on its sides.

It looks a little bit like the old Taiidan support frigate, which is a cool thing in my book. It has 8 guns that can give serious trouble to attacking fighters.