Hiigaran Minelayer Corvette

Homeworld 2


Class: Corvette
Role: Deploys and Clears Mines
Speed: 215
Attack: 48
Hit Points: 400
Cost: ? (1 craft)

A well-armored Corvette with a payload of magnetic shaped-charge mines. The Minelayer lays mines in a grid pattern by moving to a point in space and releasing a mine in that location.

MissingSea has found what looks to be the Minelayer Corvette in the E3 Trailer (first image at right). It appears to be armed with an underside autogun turret in addition to its minelaying equipment, which is a nice touch.

In the full-fleet image (bottom right), the Minelayer Corvettes appear to be in a squadron of 3 (like other Hiigaran corvettes), but in the final game, Minelayer Corvettes operate as single vessels. They lay mines out over a user-designated rectangular area.


deployed mine

early image (E3 Trailer)

first image (Mar '03)