Race Overview

Bent on cosmic domination, this formidable warrior race from the galaxy's eastern fringes threatens the Hiigarans' very existence in the name of Sajuuk. The Vaygr roam the galaxy subjugating the races they encounter and cannibalizing their technology. This nomadic way of life is reflected in their military organization. A fast, mobile, and overwhelmingly offensive force, the Vaygr, rather than obeying the orders of a high commander, are assembled into smaller, less cohesive fleets of ships.

The Vaygr are the white-and-black striped vessels depicted in the screenshots. They represent the opponent in the single-player campaign, and are the second multiplayer-capable race. The red ships with the white "V" insignia seen in earlier screenshots, previously referred to here as the "Red Race," were an earlier incarnation of the Vaygr.

The Vaygr are said to favor fast, light ships, especially fighters and corvettes. Their fighter squadrons have more fighters per unit than their Hiigaran counterparts. That said, the Vaygr have some of the largest ships in the game, including several styles of mothership. They also have a focus on missiles; nearly all their frigates and capital ships appear to have at least one missile launcher.

"The Vaygr are a nomadic warrior race hailing from the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy. The Vaygr are a raiding force, preferring swarms of Fighters and Corvettes augmented by a few heavy hitting Capital Ships. The Vaygr can get in quickly, overwhelm their foes with numbers and get out before taking too much damage. In prolonged fights, the Vaygr face more difficulties. Their Capital Ships, while agile and powerful, lack the punch of their Hiigaran doubles. While the Hiigarans have traditional hyperspace modules that allow most ships to make tactical hyperspace jumps, the Vaygr need to deploy Hyperspace Gates. These allow even Fighters to jump unassisted, but the gates can be targeted and even captures. And while the Hiigarans benefit from better Sensors, this is in response to Vaygr cloaking technology." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"Despite using different ship types, the Vaygr and Hiigaran ship classes (Strike, Corvette, Frigate, and Capital) are more or less equal. The Vaygr have faster ships in greater numbers but they're fragile and highly specialized. They're very good at what they do, but very bad at what they don't. Favoring fighters and corvettes over frigates, Vaygr fleets have more options in these classes compared to the Hiigarans. ... Vaygr players will instead develop a system that uses fixed hyperspace gates to allow extremely inexpensive hyperspace travel between two fixed points." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

"As for the Vaygr, the antagonists, they have very distinctive ships that draw few parallels to anything that's been seen before in Homeworld. There are some functional similarities in certain units, but we're hoping to surprise the core fans with the sinister design of this fleet." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"The 'Red Race' isn't a separate race - the reason they don't match up with the current textures on the Hiigaran or Vaygr ships is that they're an earlier texture job - you'll see them again, later, I'm sure in their full glory. As to whether they're Hiigaran or Vaygr ... well. The V should be a clue..." - Morgan Jaffit, Designer

Faithful reader Komysar points out that the name "Vaygr" is an anagram of the Russian word "Varyg" or "Varyag" which means "Viking." Also, in the Old Icelandic (Viking) language, the word "vagyr" meant both a wolf, and a restless or a godless man. Appropriate to the "nomad barbarian" style of the Vaygr.


This is the story of the end time. We know this because the Third Core has been found. For under the dark influence of this core, the Taiidan have risen under a new leader, the Vaygr warlord named Makaan. He calls himself the Sajuuk-khar, the chosen one; many systems have already fallen under his shadow, and his eyes are set upon Hiigara.

The Vaygr are a warrior clan originally from Vay, an isolated planet in the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy. The discovery of early and inefficient hyperdrives enabled these warriors to travel and raid widely across their sector of space. Always a nomadic race, the strongest warlords brought groups of Vaygr together into crusades. A Vaygr crusade is entirely independent - the build capacity of their Motherships combined with the resource harvesting abilities of their individual craft enable them to live self sufficiently in space. Communication between separate crusades is minimal.

Since that time, the Vaygr have integrated many separate races, civilizations and technologies. The planet Vay is lost in the sands of time, the name they take its only living reminder. Constant infighting between separate crusades and jockeying for position among warlords has kept the Eastern Fringe a warzone for as long as any can remember, and therefore no threat to the larger galactic civilizations.

Until now. Under the guidance of the Warlord Makaan, the various tribes of the Vaygr Reaches have formed into a cohesive force. While still operating independently, the overall strategic aims of the Vaygr have been coordinated and focused by Makaan, a master strategist.

Their recent acquisition of a long jump-capable Hyperspace Core has allowed the Vaygr to stage raids into the hearts of enemy territories, while their nomadic lifestyle and mining technology give them a speed and mobility unmatched by any of their opponents.

More a Messiah than Warlord, Makaan has been hailed as the Sajuuk'Khem, the Manipulator of He Whose Hand Shapes What Is, and his people the Sajuuk Khar, The Chosen of God.

As a people, the Vaygr are unrelenting and persistent in combat. Space holds no fear for them, as much of the civilization has never lived planetside. Massive roaming fleets drift through the Vaygr Reaches, stripping minerals and supplies from asteroids and passing comets. Nomads, they have no concept of home, merely lands open to pillage.

Under Makaans rule, they have spread far and wide. None who have stood against the Vaygr have managed to hold them back. The devices they use to strip planets of their mineral wealth leave bare husks of worlds behind. In order to expand, the Vaygr have no choice but to press ever onwards, crushing worlds anew as they do so. Given time, they will have strip mined every habitable planet in the Galaxy.

Utilizing local Hyperspace Gates and high speed Transport Frigates to reach the front line, the Vaygr constitute a high speed, flexible war force. Individual tribal captains lead the battle from the front lines, organizing and coordinating attacks even as they come under fire. Each Vaygr craft is a highly specialized unit, designed to fulfill a single task with lethal efficiency.