This is where we put ships that don't belong in any of the other sections, including unidentified vessels. 


In the First Time the Bentusi found the Great Hyperspace Core. With it came the gift of interstellar travel. The outer rim trade routes were established, uniting the galaxy in peace.

Four thousand years passed before the Second Core was discovered on a desert planet. Pain and bloodshed flowed in its wake as the exiles returned to their homeworld. For a century peace and prosperity followed. It proved fleeting.

It is a desperate time for Hiigara. The Vaygr encroach from the Eastern Reaches. Their motives a mystery, they are brutal and unrelenting. Deep inside the Great Derelict at
Tanis , construction of a new mothership is underway. With it, there stands a chance to defend what so many paid for with their lives.

But the true test will come not from battling the Vaygr but in fulfilling the prophecy that Sajuuk, He Whose Hand Shapes What Is, will return and herald the coming of the End Time...