Race Overview

The Hiigarans are the returned Kushan exiles from the first game, and represent the player in the single-player campaign. Most of the ships in the currently available screenshots are Hiigaran, identifiable by default blue-gray coloration, white stripes, the Angel Moon logo and/or the number 15. Most of the Hiigaran ships we have seen thus far are closely analogous to their Kushan counterparts in Homeworld.

"There are some similarities between the Homeworld fleet of the Kushan and the Hiigarans of Homeworld 2. While some ships are obvious descendants from those in Homeworld, most are new and have never been seen before. Of course, the design of the mothership has survived for this long, so as you can see in the screenshots, it remains the mainstay of the fleet." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"The Hiigarans' strength lies in their capital ships. Being defensive in nature, the Hiigaran navy relies on Frigates for short-range engagements and Destroyers and Battlecruisers to hit the enemy at a distance. Of course, an effective defence requires Fighter and Corvette support, without which the Hiigaran big ships are sitting ducks. The Hiigarans also benefit from higher quality ships, preferring to use fewer but better vessels. This technological advantage also extends to Sensor upgrades and Hyperspace technology." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"The Hiigarans prefer resilient, multi-function ships and as a result they're generally slower and fewer in number. Many Hiigaran vessels are well suited to a number of roles but are more costly to produce. Hiigarans favor the slower but more powerful frigate chassis and have comparatively weak strikecraft options as a result. The primary special abilities of each race directly affect their tech tree and play style. Tactical advantages and how they modify gameplay become apparent when we start granting unique technology. For example, building a hyperspace subsystem allows Hiigaran players access to any point on the map provided they can afford the expense." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer


The Hiigarans are now in the throes of the Dust Wars. The prolonged conflict and general disillusionment following the Homecoming have divided the former Exiles. Battling local warlords and confronting a new and menacing foe in the Vaygr, they debate an ancient prophecy that impels them back across the galaxy to fulfill their destiny.

After generations in exile and a perilous journey across known and unknown space, the Hiigarans have reclaimed their home planet. Seeking peace, they have found only chaos. The Galactic Council that had once expelled them from their home lies in ruins, a shadow of its former self. Desperate to maintain their power, their struggles have turned inward, each race determined to protect their own interests, rather than those of the Galaxy.

However, the true test for the Hiigarans may not be merely the threat of the warring Vaygr, but in the prophecy that Sajuuk He Whose Hand Shapes What Is will return and herald the coming of the End Time. The Hiigarans, as always, are divided along religious lines: a number of apocalyptic sects see portents of doom everywhere. To these fanatics, the rumor that their enemies the Vaygr are the Sajuuk-Khar is a dire omen and proof of Sajuuk's anger.

Even so work has begun on the second Mothership. The Hyperspace core which is the mark of their heritage has been removed from storage and brought to the Tanis shipyard for final integration. The Fleet has been prepared. The people are ready though nervous. In order to claim the peace and safety she promised her people when she first set foot upon Hiigara, Karan S'Jet must once again prepare for war.