This is the HOMEWORLD 2 Ships Page, successor to the Homeworld Ships Page and the Homeworld: Cataclysm Ships Page. The goal of this section is to identify and classify the various HW2 ships seen in preview screenshots. It's a fun sort of "play the CIA analyst" game that I've enjoyed for the last several years. If you have information or ideas about the entries you see here, feel free to email

As with any information about a game in progress, information presented here should be taken with a grain of salt; information is incomplete and subject to change. Analysis and guesswork by the Shipyards staff is indicated in yellow text, and should not be confused with official quotes or information released from Relic Entertainment or Sierra On-Line.

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"The story involves the Hiigarans and details their struggle against a raging warrior race, the Vaygr. While they hope and work for peace, fate is [not] so kind. The story begins approximately 100 years after the exiles returned home. The story is epic in scope. The player will unravel some of the secrets of the Homeworld universe such as the origins of Hyperspace and the fate of the Bentusi. Homeworld focused on a single planet, Homeworld2 blows open the doors to the whole Galaxy." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

An important thing to keep in mind when viewing these screenshots and concept art is that HW2 has had two distinct development phases, and a great deal seems to have changed from the first abortive E3 shots in 2001 up to now. Some things we have seen in older screenshots no longer exist in the game today.

There are currently two known sides in Homeworld 2: first is the Hiigarans (the returned Kushan exiles from Homeworld), who are the player race in the single-player campaign, and the Vaygr, described as the primary opponents of the Hiigarans. These two sides are also the two races available in multiplayer. See the section for each race for details.

Although numerous references have been made to the Bentusi, it appears that other "supporting races" from the first game (including the Taiidan, Kadesh and Turanic Raiders) will not have significant roles in Homeworld 2. According to Josh Mosquiera, there will be at one new race (other than the Vaygr).

"Homeworld 2's story takes place a century after Homeworld. During the game, events will take the player from Hiigara across the inner rim and into the galactic core itself. Through their trials, the Hiigarans will discover the true cause of their exile, the origins of hyperspace, and their relationship to Sajuuk, whom they have worshipped as a god for as long as they can remember. This is the main story arc of the game." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

"Homeworld 2's epic story draws the player into the conflict on the side of the Hiigarans. We're saving the other side of this story for an expansion pack. The persistent-fleet concept is still used, but we've modified the implementation so you won't have to go back a few missions if you're unsuccessful in preserving enough ships from mission to mission. We found it was important to the gameplay since it created a sense of ownership and familiarity in the single-player experience." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"...there is only one playable race in Homeworld2 single player but the game will ship with 2 playable races for multiplayer... After the game ships, we have some exciting things planned but we're not ready to talk about them yet..." - Alex Garden, Relic CEO

"Homeworld2 uses two distinctly different races. There are some similarities in a few ships, but the races are distinctly different in terms of appearance, capabilities, technology, and tactics. Obviously, this adds complexity to the overall strategy that the players employ, as well as depth to the choices they have. Homeworld2 supports up to 6 users in multiplayer mode. ... As for the Vaygr, the antagonists, they have very distinctive ships that draw few parallels to anything that's been seen before in Homeworld. There are some functional similarities in certain units, but we're hoping to surprise the core fans with the sinister design of this fleet." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"The two sides are different in terms of technology so you won't even be able to research the other's type of tech. They share basic stuff like resourcing, but that's it. Hiigarans are more well rounded with their fleets where the Vaygr are much more specialized in their uses. ... Both races have their own playing style, with the Hiigarans focusing on sturdy capital ships and the Vaygr preferring faster, more agile ships." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer