Progenitor Sajuuk

Homeworld 2 Statistics

Class: Flagship
Build Cost: 1,500 RU*
Build Time: 1 s*
Max Velocity: 100 m/s
Accel Time: 8 s
Brake Time: 2 s
Hit Points: 350,000
Repair Time: 350 s
Visual Range: 9,000 m
Pri. Sensor Range: 9,000 m
Sec. Sensor Range: 9,000 m
Mass: 1,500
EMP Shield: 10,000
Dust Cloud Dam. Time: 300
Nebula Dam. Time: 500
Capture Def.: n/a

Role: Sajuuk
Attack: 26778
Maneuverability: low
Armor Class: Heavy 
Side Armor: 100%
Rear Armor: 100%  

Squadron Size: 1
Passive: Spear
Defensive: Delta
Aggressive: Claw

Production Slots: 0
Module Slots: 0
Sensors Slots: 0

Required Facilities:
Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
Balcora Gate
Three Hyperspace Cores

Required Research:



Armament: Type: Range: Damage: Penetr.: Push: RoF:
1(1) Heavy Beam Cannon (fixed gimbal) Super Beam 20,000 m 75,000 100 -1000 ??
8(1) Nanite Cannon Turrets Keeper Beam 5,000 m 2,000 5 0 ??
6(1) Kinetic Driver Turrets Large Kinetic Bullet 5,000 m 2,000 5 0 ??

*Sajuuk cannot be built.

While there is no universal religion among the Hiigarans, almost all believe that in some form or another, Sajuuk -- the Great Maker, He Whose Hand Shapes What Is -- shapes the path of their destiny. Specifics vary widely from sect to sect. Some believe Sajuuk is a benign god who protected them in Exile and guided them to their home. Others view him as an uncaring deity whose actions follow their own, inexplicable design.

Sajuuk's three Hyperspace Cores are united together in this mighty Progenitor warship. In practice, it is essentially a scaled-up version of the Dreadnought, with a similar super-beam weapon. Though the size of a Mothership, Sajuuk is not as well armored as the Dreadnought, but can make tactical hyperspace jumps.

After defeating Makaan at Balcora, the Hiigarans reawakened Sajuuk by removing the Hyperspace Cores from the Pride of Hiigara (which was abandoned) and transferring them to Sajuuk. Sajuuk became the new flagship of the Hiigaran fleet, returning to Hiigara to face Makaan's final threat, the Planet Killers.

Like the Dreadnought, Sajuuk is also a key -- to the Eye of Arran, a galaxy-wide network of hyperspace gates.


Sajuuk derelict at Balcora

Sajuuk over Hiigara

Sajuuk derelict at Balcora

Sajuuk in action over Hiigara