Vaygr Hyperspace Gate

Homeworld 2


Role: Hyperspace Gate
Speed: 600
Attack: 0
Hit Points: 16,000

Built on existing weapons platform technology, Vaygr Hyperspace platforms provide limitless tactical hyperspace capabilities. Their speed, durability, and relatively low cost make these gates the deciding factor in Vaygr surprise attacks.

"Vaygr players will instead develop a system that uses fixed hyperspace gates to allow extremely inexpensive hyperspace travel between two fixed points." - Geoff Thomas, Assistant Producer

"Yeah that's about 3 times the size of the mothership in each direction. It's big but not biggest. The Gate though... edge to edge it's huge..." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"While the Hiigarans have traditional hyperspace modules that allow most ships to make tactical hyperspace jumps, the Vaygr need to deploy Hyperspace Gates. These allow even Fighters to jump unassisted, but the gates can be targeted and even captures." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"But soon, three of the Vaygr's special hyperspace gateway units cruise into view, threatening to bring in enemy reinforcements waiting some distance away if these gateway units are allowed to make their arrangements." - Sam Parker, GameSpot

This is the mobile, deployable version of the Vaygr hyperspace gate, not to be confused with the massive megalith version. It doesn't form an actual physical gate, but rather allows friendly units to hyperspace in nearby.

It appears to be a single-burn, move-only-once vessel like the probes and weapons platforms.