Hiigaran Interceptor

Homeworld 2 Statistics

Class: Fighter
Build Cost: 500 RU (5 craft)
Build Time: 35 s
Max Velocity: 325 m/s
Accel Time: 2 s
Brake Time: 1 s
Hit Points: 30 ea (150)
Repair Time: n/a
Visual Range: 1,000 m
Pri. Sensor Range: 3,000 m
Sec. Sensor Range: 4,000 m
Mass: 10
EMP Shield: 75
Dust Cloud Dam. Time: 160
Nebula Dam. Time: 30
Capture Def.: n/a

Role: Anti-Fighter
Attack: 36
Maneuverability: High
Armor Class: None 
Side Armor: 100%
Rear Armor: 100%  

Squadron Size: 5
Passive: Broad
Defensive: Delta
Aggressive: Claw

Production Slots: 0
Module Slots: 0
Sensors Slots: 0

Required Facilities:
Fighter Production Facility

Required Research:

Engine Lvl 1 (407 m/s): 300 RU
Engine Lvl 2 (480 m/s): 500 RU


Armament: Type: Range: Damage: Penetr.: Push: RoF:
1 Kinetic Autogun (fixel gimbal) Rapid-fire Kinetic Bullet 1,600 m 37 5 0 ??

A fast, maneuverable and versatile craft designed for patrol, escort, and Cap Ship defense. The Interceptor is the smallest hull type that features offensive strike capabilities. Speed and maneuverability are maximized; thin armor plating covers only critical systems. The Interceptor is especially feared by non-combat vessels, other strike craft, and resource operations.

"Fighters maybe be smaller and weaker, but their speed allows them to swoop past slower defenders and sneak in under the firing arcs of bigger ships. Without a proper balance of combined fleets, it is possible for a fighter squadron to disable even a Battlecruiser." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

The newest images (top four at right) show a new texture scheme for this fighter. I kind of liked the 15 and diagonal stripe better.

These fighters are winged, twin-engined, and appear to have a centerline weapon mount poking out the middle of a twin-pronged nose. They can be easily classified as Hiigaran by their gray-white-orange coloration and the distinctive "15" insignia. It has a rotary cannon very similar to those on the original Kushan "Blade" Interceptor. 


underside shot (demo)

IGN Vault (Apr '03)

IGN Vault (Apr '03)

IGN Vault (Apr '03)

strafing early Carrier (Feb '03)

first PCGAMER shots (Aug '02)