Hiigaran Gunship

Homeworld 2 Statistics

Class: Corvette
Build Cost: 625 RU (3 craft)
Build Time: 45 s
Max Velocity: 215 m/s
Accel Time: 2 s
Brake Time: 1 s
Hit Points: 400 ea. (1200)
Repair Time: n/a
Visual Range: 1,000 m
Pri. Sensor Range: 4,000 m
Sec. Sensor Range: 5,000 m
Mass: 15
EMP Shield: 75
Dust Cloud Dam. Time: 160
Nebula Dam. Time: 35
Capture Def.: n/a

Role: Anti-Fighter
Attack: 56
 Medium High
Armor Class: Light
Side Armor: 100%
Rear Armor: 100% 

Squadron Size: 3
Passive: Broad
Defensive: Delta
Aggressive: Claw

Production Slots: 0
Module Slots: 0
Sensors Slots: 0

Required Facilities:
Corvette Facility

Required Research:

Engine 1 (258 m/s): 300 RU
Engine 2 (291 m/s): 500 RU
Armor 1 (1560 hp): 500 RU
Armor 2 (1920 hp): 750 RU


Armament: Type: Range: Damage: Penetr.: Push: RoF:
2(2) "Vulcan" Kinetic Autogun Turrets Kinetic Bullet 1,200 m 42 5 0 ??

Special Version: Elite Gunship*
Hit Points:

*Several squadrons of Elite Gunships are awarded to the player in the second single-player mission if the sixth crew transport is rescued.

The Gunship’s twin turrets are kinetic weapons, firing slugs at extremely high speeds. While most Cap Ship armor can turn this fire away, strike craft are torn to shreds, making the Gunship an extremely effective defense against Interceptor, Bomber, and Lance squadrons.

The Gunship provides close range anti-fighter support in both offensive and defensive roles. Its twin-linked kinetic weapon turrets make this corvette ideal for hunting down and eliminating squads of enemy fighters and bombers. Although heavily armored for its class, the Assault Corvette is vulnerable to Frigates and other Capital Ships.

"Classes of ships range from the small and agile fighters, equipped with anything from standard weapons to powerful torpedoes, to the gigantic and slow moving, yet extraordinarily powerful battleships. Without corvette escorts to take down fighters, capital ships are vulnerable to torpedoes, without frigates your fighters will be vulnerable to the corvettes that mince them." - Dan Adams, IGN PC

Though previously referred to as an "Assault Corvette", this craft is called a "Gunship" in the beta, demo and final builds.

One clear advantage the Hiigaran corvettes have over their Kushan predecessors is full 360º turret coverage, allowing them to make full-speed, slashing passes at their targets, firing even while pulling away, whereas Kushan corvettes were forced to remain pointed at the target and slowly side-slip, making themselves even more vulnerable to heavy ship guns.


Elite Gunship (demo)

Fighting a Vaygr Destroyer (E3)

flying under a Battlecruiser (Feb '03)

still from video demo (Mar '03)

taking an ion beam hit (Feb '03)

"Assault Corvette" (Feb '03)