Vaygr Goat-throwing Viking Ship

Homeworld 2


"Yes to the Goat throwing Viking Ships. It's the Vaygr's answer to the Ion Beam Frigates." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"How far can a Viking ship throw a goat? 10 parsecs if the solar winds are right. You're going to get some radically different results depending on breed of goat used. It also depends on whether or not Sajuuk, He Whose Hand Shapes What Is, has blessed your Viking longboat." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"I was able to get an exclusive picture of the infamous Vagyr Goat Throwing Viking Ship (or Longboat)! I realize that the picture quality is rather poor, but rest assured, this is the real deal! Dmille risked life and limb in order to smuggle this shot out, but here it is, in full color for your enjoyment." - Langy, the Mutant Dwarf

"We've had a lockdown on display of that content - it's an E3 exclusive. You're all in big trouble." - Morgan Jaffit, Designer

As you can see, this screenshot (which is fuzzy because it was shot from dmille's spycam) depicts the longboat in the moment of firing a Goat. According to Langy's information, this type of Goat ammunition is a Death Goat, which reportedly has an explosive warhead. Langy also mentioned a Red Goat ammunition type that allegedly has the Beast Infection ability, but we can't independently verify this. The second, clearer image, shows that the rate of fire of the Goat Thrower is extremely high, as it is overwhelming the depicted Carrier with goats.

Unfortunately, the Goat Thrower appears to have been removed from the final release of the game. It may be that with the removal of Transport Frigates, proper Goat munitions could not be kept at acceptable levels.


firing Death Goats at carrier (E3)

pre-alpha, shakycam shot (Apr '03)