Hiigaran Bomber

Homeworld 2


Role: Anti-Capital Ship
Attack: 266
Speed: 428
Cost: 500 (5 craft)

Lvl 1 Bomber Engines:
500 RU
Lvl 2 Bomber Engines:
500 RU

"Bombers can research advanced munitions that enable them to take out subsystems with more ease." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"We want fighters to be useful all the time. So we have a lot of upgrades to make them better. They'll also be better for taking out subsystems. Other ships can target the subsystems, but if you send a squadron of bombers they should be able to decimate the subsystems. Kind of like in Star Wars where it took an X-Wing to disable the Death Star." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"Fighters maybe be smaller and weaker, but their speed allows them to swoop past slower defenders and sneak in under the firing arcs of bigger ships. Without a proper balance of combined fleets, it is possible for a fighter squadron to disable even a Battlecruiser." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"Classes of ships range from the small and agile fighters, equipped with anything from standard weapons to powerful torpedoes, to the gigantic and slow moving, yet extraordinarily powerful battleships. Without corvette escorts to take down fighters, capital ships are vulnerable to torpedoes, without frigates your fighters will be vulnerable to the corvettes that mince them." - Dan Adams, IGN PC

It does appear to be an attack craft of some kind, perhaps an update of the plasma bomb armed Attack Bomber. It has what look to be two large forward launchers, and in the combat shots the fighters are causing substantial red explosions on the target Vaygr vessel. It does also have that warthog-ish look about it. :)