Hiigaran Interceptor (F-A)

Homeworld 2


"We want fighters to be useful all the time. So we have a lot of upgrades to make them better. They'll also be better for taking out subsystems. Other ships can target the subsystems, but if you send a squadron of bombers they should be able to decimate the subsystems. Kind of like in Star Wars where it took an X-Wing to disable the Death Star." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"Fighters maybe be smaller and weaker, but their speed allows them to swoop past slower defenders and sneak in under the firing arcs of bigger ships. Without a proper balance of combined fleets, it is possible for a fighter squadron to disable even a Battlecruiser." - Dan Irish, Executive Producer

"Classes of ships range from the small and agile fighters, equipped with anything from standard weapons to powerful torpedoes, to the gigantic and slow moving, yet extraordinarily powerful battleships. Without corvette escorts to take down fighters, capital ships are vulnerable to torpedoes, without frigates your fighters will be vulnerable to the corvettes that mince them." - Dan Adams, IGN PC

The newest images (top three at right) show a new texture scheme for this fighter. I kind of liked the 15 and diagonal stripe better.

They are winged, twin-engined, and appear to have a centerline weapon mount poking out the middle of a twin-pronged nose. They can be easily classified as Hiigaran by their gray-white-orange coloration and the distinctive "15" insignia. It has a rotary cannon very similar to those on the original Kushan Interceptor. 

If I had to guess, I would say that this is the Hiigaran update of the Interceptor.

In some of the shots, the fighters are attacking Hiigaran ships with the same insignia. It may seem puzzling that these ships that appear to be on the same side are attacking each other, but one must keep in mind that Relic developers frequently have friendly ships attack each other to get some easy combat screenshots. Early Homeworld shots often showed fighters attacking their own ships (such as the sequence of images from the Homeworld manual of Kushan fighters attacking their own heavy cruiser), so one must be careful not to read too much into this.

At first glance, in the ninth shot at right it appears that there are two different types of fighter here; the group of three near the top of the screen with their noses pointing downward look a little different from the others to left. However, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that these are all the same type of fighter, but we're looking at the underside of some as they're heading away from the camera.

Note the substantial difference in scale between the fighters and the frigate. The frigate seems to be about as large in comparison to the fighters as a heavy cruiser was in Homeworld.

There is no official information on this ship as yet.