Hiigaran Destroyer

Homeworld 2


Class: Capital Ship
Role: Anti-Frigate
Attack: 915
Speed: 138
Hit Points: 85,000
: 2,000 RU

Sleek, deadly, and designed to take a beating, the Destroyer is in every sense a heavy-hitter. Turning broadside to its target, the Destroyer unleashes its four heavy cannons and twin Capital Ship torpedo launchers in a withering attack few ships can withstand for long.

"Definitely the larger capital ships stand out. Among my favorite is the vaygr carrier, but also the hiigaran destroyer--though if you ask around the office, the hiigaran battle cruiser always comes up as a favorite. We've added small touches like vertical missile launchers that help further distinguish these ships." - Josh Mosquiera, Lead Designer

"One of those ships is upside-down." - Cei Gladstone, Programmer, referring to the original HW2 poster

This warship is armed with four twin heavy kinetic turrets (three topside, one underneath), and two bow torpedo launchers. In the first GameSpot shot battle damage is visible on the port engine housing, and the engines are trailing smoke. (If the source image is too dark, here's a lightened version.)

The Destroyer does not appear to have buildable subsystem modules.

The IGN pre-E3 video shows the Destroyer has two missile launchers on the bow. It is also seen firing missiles in the GameSpot video. It was also seen presenting its broadside to the enemy, bringing all four of its gun turrets to bear.

In the GameSpot pre-E3 video, the Destroyer's missiles appeared to break into multiple warheads before striking the target. This may be the normal behavior of Hiigaran missiles, or an upgrade feature.

In the first appearance of this ship in the HW2 poster, and in the concept art, it's upside-down.