Vaygr Corvette

Homeworld 2


"The 'Red Race' isn't a seperate race - the reason they don't match up with the current textures on the Hiigaran or Vaygr ships is that they're an earlier texture job - you'll see them again, later, I'm sure in their full glory. As to whether they're Hiigaran or Vaygr ... well. The V should be a clue..." - Morgan Jaffit, Designer

Though barely visible in the print version of this PC Gamer screenshot, these craft were identified in the caption as corvettes. In the subsequently released source images for these screenshots, they can now be clearly seen. The engines have a vertical rather than horizontal configuration, Kushan-style, which would eventually turn out to be a standard Vaygr configuration. 

We have since seen a variety of Vaygr corvettes based on this hull. These "standard" corvettes, which don't have much in the way of visible weaponry, haven't been seen since these early 2002 shots. It is likely that they are not in the final version of the game. These may have been early versions of the Laser Corvette.

There is no official information on this ship.