Bentusi Harbor Ship "Bentus"

Homeworld 2


The trade routes established by the Bentusi cover a large number of worlds located on the outer rim of the galaxy. While the trade routes are thick and plentiful through the galaxy's outskirts, the number of routes that traverse the inner galactic sphere are far fewer, and none extend so far as the galactic core. In fact, Hiigara is among the closest to the core of those systems covered. Given the plentiful resources to be found in the inner sphere, it is curious that more of the trade routes do not cover these regions. Many explanations have been offered, but ultimately the Bentusi's reasons remain their own. Even now, few travel too close to the core -- of those who do, many do not return.

This is Bentus, the great Bentusi "Harbor Ship", said by Fleet Command to be the last of the Bentusi vessels. It contains the First Core, or the Bentusi Core, the original Progenitor artifact from which the Bentusi derived their power.

According to the History of Hiigara, this is the same vessel that defeated Sajuuk's Wrath and the Hiigaran Fleet in the First Time and forcibly disarmed the Hiigarans, eventually leading to the Exile. As such, it is more than 4,000 years old.