Race Overview
The Bentusi are a race of enigmatic traders who ply the trade routes of the Outer Limb, dealing in resources, technology and information. They seem to have substantial influence with the Galactic Council, and are subtle but bold manipulators, having worked to gain recognition for the Hiigarans in open defiance of the Taiidan Emperor during the latter part of the Homeworld War. Articulate and congenial but secretive, they share only a little of their extensive knowledge with their neighbors; Bentusi technology is apparently the most sophisticated of the known races.

Contrastingly, in Homeworld: Cataclysm the Bentusi are painted as aloof and even neurotic, speaking in incoherent and monosyllabic riddles, irrationally attempting to flee the galaxy to escape the threat of the Beast, and brutally crushing any who stood in the path if this escape. The Bentusi are described as being Unbound; that is, irrevocably joined to their ships; it is hinted that this shared status may be why they were interested in helping Karan Sjet.
"It has been forbidden to possess this information for some time. But after your intervention on our behalf, we feel compelled to share it with you. Behold: In the First Time, a terrible war brought with it the collapse of your ancient empire. So vicious were your enemies that all would have been slaughtered were it not for the collective outcry for mercy. In an effort to sooth relations, the conquerors spared the lives of the defeated. All survivors were sent into exile. None were permitted to follow or aid the fallen. All memory of them was to be erased. For generations the convoy moved silently through space. They endured great difficulties... imperfect technology... In time, a suitable system to receive them was found. This barren world appeared to be salvation. Their true legacy forgotten, a new vision of destiny had grown out of captivity. A single artifact survived the journey. The Guidestone you now carry. It was removed from the sacred "Angel Moon" of your Homeworld, a place long since reduced to myth and tale. Your progress is becoming known among the Inner Rim worlds and elsewhere. Many cultures have prophesized your return. Reach your Homeworld. Establish your claim. We will summon the Council."  - The Bentusi