Beast Subverted Carrier

Cataclysm Statistics

Class: Carrier
: 3,400 RUs
Build Time: 280 s
Support Req.: 0 SUs
Maneuverability: Very Low
: 40 m/s^2
Max Velocity: 250 m/s
Hit Points: 45,000
Repair Rate: 240/5 s
Sight Radius: 12,000 m
Firepower: 4,000
Coverage: 75%
Mass: 121,000 tons
EMP Stun: 0.75 s
Leech Dam.: 100/s
Salvage Points: 5
Nav Lights: 8
Leech Points: 11
Max Fighters: 50
Max Corvettes: 25
Required Tech:
Destroyer Drive
Support Systems

Upgrade Tech:
Advanced Destroyer Drive
Energy Cannons
Armor Level 3
Beast Infect Weapon

Crystal Harvesting Ability


Weapons: Mult.: Damage: Range: Fire Time:
6(1) Medium Mass Driver Turret* 1.5 30 5,000 m 0.4 s
6(1) Beast Infection Weapon 1.0 special 8,000 m  240 s 
*Upgradeable to Large Energy Cannon Turrets.  (60 damage, fire time 1.0 s).

A veritable feat of engineering, the Carrier incorporates an entire construction center, capable of building up to Frigate-class ships.  In addition, a huge docking array provides space for up to 50 Fighters and 25 Corvettes.  Its rapid-fire deck guns give it adequate defense.

The infected Carrier also sports Infection weapons on key points of its hull, making this as dangerous an opponent as the Heavy Cruiser.  Also, unlike the Somtaaw Carrier, the Beast Carrier cannot build support modules, but it still gives a substantial amount of SUs for a larger fleet.